The Experience


You can expect epic, diversified yoga practices that will strengthen your current practice, stretch you, and restore you. Between workshops, flow, and yin (plus a few surprises) all your yoga bases will be covered.

Self Care

Let’s talk about it. One important part of sharing your magic is taking care of YOU so you can shine your very brightest. With a full service spa on site (and a complimentary massage on us to get you primed) you will have pampering at your fingertips.


The food we have planned will not disappoint, and it will leave you feeling vibrant and full of life. ALL INCLUDED. The living foods you will consume, the colors, the flavors, the fresh juices and kombuchas are literally medicine for the body.

Adventure & Play

What’s a well rounded retreat without some time for our inner child to come out! We’ll explore some of Bali’s most beautiful parts, to experience the wonder &  creation that SHE is. From oceans to mountains, waterfalls & culture; there will be something for everyone!


Because, who doesn’t love at least a LITTLE mystery? Alena, James & Jenn have some really special, thoughtful surprises we hope you all will enjoy and think of us when you see them!


Last, definitely not least…. This one is the thing I treasure most about taking a retreat like this! You will come home with life long friends! We have some exercises and experiences set up to break the ice, get to know ourselves and each other a little better, and REALLY bask in what it means to be a human in community on this earth…in one of the most awe inspiring places on the planet!

About the Retreat

What's Included:

  • 10 day, 9 night stay

  • Airport pick up and transportation during the entire retreat

  • All organic, freshly prepared daily meals and non-alcoholic drinks

  • Daily yoga practice

  • Massages

  • Excursions

  • Hand stand & balance workshops

  • A welcome gift upon arrival

  • ...and so much more!

Desa Saya Eco
Luxury Resort

Nestled in the traditional Balinese Village Tejakula, our charming Desa Saya Eco Luxury Resort & Spa is awaiting you! ​Surrounded by Mango trees and coconut palms, where dragonflies and lush gardens mingle around our traditional “Joglo” Villas in antic teak & iron wood are arranged around a magnificent swimming pool. All villas in Desa Saya are decorated with an individual touch of luxury, using custom made furnishings and natural materials. Designed, planned and constructed exclusively keeping in mind the need to provide a luxurious yet simple, modern yet authentic experience for our guests.
All our rooms are equipped with a large private bathroom and with an outdoor bathtub and extra outdoor shower in a private little garden. All rooms include bathrobes and complimentary organic toiletries, mosquito nets, comfortable beds, a day bed sofa and a verandah with wonderful views of the swimming pool and tropical garden.

The Space

Complimentary Room Facilities:

  • Indoor hot water shower

  • Outdoor bathtub

  • Outdoor fresh water shower

  • Air conditioner and fan in each room

  • Pure drinking water

  • Organic toiletries

  • Safety deposit box

  • Mini bar, coffee & tea maker

Complimentary Resort Facilities:

  • Yoga Shala on an outdoor yoga platform

  • Yoga mats, straps, blocks, dumbbell weights, and meditation cushions

  • Large swimming pool

  • Garden sun loungers

  • Relaxation pavilions

  • Private tropical beach lounge with salt water infinity pool


Early Bird Prices:

  • Singles: $4,000

  • Doubles: $3,000

Regular Prices:

  • Singles: $4,444

  • Doubles: $3,333

If you’re reading this and you feel a little excitement run up your spine or your toes curl, that’s because… this is for YOU! The team at Reach Yoga is absolutely thrilled to come back to Desa Saya. We can personally say this place is MAGIC. Speaking of magic…one of Reach Yoga’s core values is to BRING your magic. That’s what every single person on the leadership team and all of you wild amazing souls called to be here will be doing. Mama Bali, Desa Saya, their team, our team of epic yogis, spiritual leaders, and students of life all creating an alchemy that will resonate through our hearts, bodies and souls long after the retreat is done. Join us!

Meet Your Facilitators

Alena Snedeker

Alena has been teaching health, yoga, and meditation for 14 years in San Diego, CA. Her dharma is creating a safe and inclusive space for people to trust in their own knowing and worth. Her gift is to remind people through the use of movement, meditation, and conscious conversations that you ARE love and it is your birthright to love and be loved. This leaves her students feeling safe, seen, heard, and loved. Her passion for yoga, health, conscious connection, spirituality, and FUN, can be felt through Her classes and workshops. Alena's students leave her classes feeling lighter, filled with peace and more in alignment with themselves.

Jennifer Farris

Jennifer Farris, Jenn or “mama bear” has taught yoga since 2016, is certified in both vinyasa and yin yoga, participated in several Personal development programs and retreats, facilitated in some of these groups as well as 1:1 coaching. She’s also held circles & workshops with a variety of people. The bigger work she is here to do is lead by example and be permission for people to dig deep, rediscover their worth, & broad cast the inner knowing that we ARE enough Motherhood gave her a whole new operation to tackle. It opened her up to some deeper inner work, the VERY tumultuous road with her childrens dad actually led her to some of her most introspective discoveries & now she also has a passion for coaching and holding men, women, mothers, & empaths; this is the realm she lives in.

James Phillips

James was introduced to yoga in 2016 while looking for a change in lifestyle. While struggling to find his path in life, yoga was waiting the whole time. James uses yoga as a daily tool to center and ground himself through the chaos that surrounds us. Shortly after James made the move to San Diego in 2018, he made his way to India where he would become a RYT 200-hour certified yoga teacher. Through the experience of teaching in India, James has gathered many more tools needed to deepen his practice, and to help guide students to a deeper level of their practice. Learning the ways of Hatha and Ashtanga in India, James brings a very eastern tradition practice to the western culture in hopes to spread a better understanding of what yoga means to him. He believes that variousyogic systems are unique, yet all have the same purpose: to grow toward enlightenment. In 2020 James completed his 300-hour yoga teacher training to become a certified 500-hour certified yoga teacher.